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Stop the Onslaught of Notices and IRS Letters

Chances are that in the event that you owe any significant sum of money to the IRS, they will or have been sending notices and letters to your residence or office in Charlotte. Notices and these letters are oftentimes cloudy, scary and threatening on what you're designed to do next. Our professionals can stop this harassment, to let you live in peace.

Trying to Negotiate Offer in Compromise Deals

If you can qualify, one of the best IRS plans for reducing the entire amount you owe is called an Offer in Compromise arrangement. This program could possibly save you up to 95% on the money you owe, but you should be cautious as to not give the wrong advice in employing. Our professionals can considerably increase your own chances of qualifying.

Negotiating With the IRS On Your Behalf

The Internal Revenue Service is the most intimidating and largest collection agency in the entire world. They've billions of dollars, and an army of sales officers who don't care about you, prepared to pursue you for every cent you have. But we don't get intimidated by their strategies like ordinary folks do, and can negotiate on your behalf for resolution that is much better.

How the Process Works


Initial Discussion of Your Situation

To start everything off, we need to know where you stand. We’ll walk through a short initial discussion of your current situation, to see what can be done. We’ll talk about your financials, history, current situations, and from that, can determine what options you have moving forward.


Research and Uncover Tax Info

If you decide to work with us, we will then start digging with the IRS. We’ll file some forms that will give us everything they have on you, so we can best plan our attack of getting you relief. Our federally enrolled agents, CPAs and attorneys handle this step in the process.


Fight For Your Best Outcome

Once we know what they have on you, and have a plan, then we get started! We have the contacts within the IRS, and know their tactics well enough to not get bullied like normal people do. We’ll negotiate and battle until we can get you the results you deserve.



In the words of Mel Gibson - FREEDOM! You no longer have to worry about the IRS creeping at your door because of your back tax debts. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders for good. Our tax pros can even help you stay compliant for years to come.

30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Risk Free, 30-Day, No Questions Asked Guarantee

In the spirit of serving our neighbors, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee of all services, and if you have any issue with how we’ve handled your case, or any part of our service is unsatisfactory, just let us know, and we’ll give you a 100% money back refund, with no questions asked. We like to keep our word.

Our Team Proudly Helps the People Living in the Beautiful City of Charlotte Finally Get the Relief They Need

Do you live in or around the city of Charlotte? Our team is happy to help you finally be free of your IRS tax debts once and for all!

We have an army of qualified CPAs, lawyers and federally enrolled agents ready to take on your case, and help you go to battle with the IRS.

Quickly Removing Wage Garnishments

One of the largest problems that we see our clients facing is when the IRS or state of North Carolina start coming after their income. They can legally seize a large percentage of your paycheck every single pay period, to make up for the amount of money that you owe them.

They will go directly to your employer, and demand that they route a certain portion of your income directly to the IRS bank accounts.

Our team of professionals deals with this on a daily basis, so we know the best ways of removing them fast – usually within 1 – 2 days. If you don’t take care of the garnishments now, they will continue to bleed you dry until you can’t keep up with monthly expenses any more.

Negotiating for The Best Offers and Arrangements

We know that you are hurting. We know that the financial burden that the IRS impositions are putting on your daily life, and we want to help get you the best resolution possible.

That is why our team is committed to helping you negotiate down the total amount you owe, so you will be required to pay as little as possible.

We mostly do this through penalty abatement and reduction programs, which can slash away the thousands in fees and penalties that the government has already added to your debt.

There are also other programs such as the Offer in Compromise program that allows normal citizens who have gone through financial hardship to slash the amount they owe, sometimes up to 95% or more. We’ll help you navigate the difficult qualification process that this program has.

Ready for Relief?

So if you are finally ready for our Charlotte team to take over your account, and to never have to worry about the money you owe the government ever again, give our team a call right away at (704) 251-6656, where any of our team members can help you right away.

We look forward to serving you!

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We're located on the 3rd floor of the white office building, with the large "600 Office Building" lettering on the outside. Then take a left at the top of the stairs / elevator, and our door is right there.

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